For use as a reactive LCM pill in curing severe to total losses (>60 bph) in highly porous formations, with lower concentrations and volumes than conventional LCM formulations.

Description and Application

A proprietary “single-sack” broad spectrum blend of sized and shaped materials designed to be effective in curing severe to total loss circulation. STOPLOSS® is ideal for use in highly fractured/vugular formations without the addition of other conventional LCM.


STOPLOSS® is packaged in 25lbs (11.34kg) multi-wall paper bags.

Recommended Treatment

STOPLOSS® is packaged such that it can be used in remote areas or where there is limited space for materials storage. It is thermally stable up to >450o, 100% biodegradable and can be used in all types of drilling 鴀uids. To cure severe, total loss circulation: across the thief zone(s) and as precementing spacer: spot in 60 to 100bbl pill applications up to 300bbls of a STOPLOSS® slurry at 50-80ppb in pre-hydrated Bentonite or base mud.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Color – light tan/brown
Form – specialty blend of graded sealing particles
pH in water – 6.5 – 7.5

Environmental Safety Handling and Shipping Reference

Use of appropriate respirator, gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee comfort and protection. STOPLOSS® is non-toxic and is considered to be harmless in the marine ecosystem. STOPLOSS® does not have a restricted classification for transportation by international or domestic regulatory agencies. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for this product for specific details.

These products are designed to be used as a pill to cure severe to total loss situations.