VR Product

Our product is a completely new and innovative approach that specifically engineered through years of extensive research and development to produce two distinct product line which have been proven to be exceptionally successful in addressing even the most severe fluid loss circulation.

Proactive Range

These products are designed to be used proactively in the drilling fluid to prevent seepage to partial loss during the drilling process.


FRACSEAL used as a solution to prevent drilling problems and improve well quality. ..

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DRIL-EZY is a drilling fluid additive, that is acid-soluble, designed to protect ...

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Reactive Range

These products are designed to be used as a pill to cure severe to total loss situations.


STOPLOSS is used for curing severe loss circulation with a lower concentration ...

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SOLU-SEAL is a reactive LCM Pill that is effectively used in curing severe loss in ...

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Indonesia sourced manufactured and patented Hi-Tech fibrous organic cellulose as a game changer in drilling the undrillable formation