FRACSEAL® is finely sized (micronised) organic cellulose fibers that is used for the prevention of seepage to partial losses.

Description and Application

FRACSEAL® is finely sized (micronised) organic cellulose fibers that is used in:

1. Minimizing fluid invasion
2. Stabilizing unconsolidated sand formations
3. Reducing torque and drag in highly deviated wells
4. Stabilizing shale
5. Stabilizing coal beds
6. Improving return permeability


FRACSEAL® is packaged in 25lbs (11.34 kg) multi-wall paper bags.

Recommended Treatment

It is recommended mixing 8-10ppb of FRACSEAL® in the active mud system for borehole stability and prevention of various problems such sloughing of shale and coal as well as drilling through depleted or unconsolidated sand formation. The concentration can be increased up to 20ppb in the active mud when drilling through carbonates or highly reactive shale formation.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Color -light tan/brown
Form – fine cellulose fiber
pH in water (10ppb) – 6.5 – 7.5

Environmental Safety Handling and Shipping Reference

Use of appropriate respirator, gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee comfort and protection. FRACSEAL® is non-toxic and is considered to be harmless in the marine ecosystem. FRACSEAL® does not have a restricted classi܀cation for transportation by international or domestic regulatory agencies.

Preventing Stuck Pipe

It is to be added in the active mud system for borehole protection by reinforcing/strengthening the filter cake. The FRACSEAL® fibers matrix within the thin wall cake will form an impermeable filter cake resulting in a very minimum fluid invasion (loss) into the formation. As a result, FRACSEAL® is ideal for drilling into various formations such as shale, coal, unconsolidated sand and limestone. FRACSEAL® is also non damaging and in fact gives better return when drilling through the payzone. This is due to the matrix of the FRACSEAL® fibers trapping fine colloidal solids preventing it from invading the pores. The external cake is easily removed when the well is brought into production.

These products are designed to be used as a pill to cure severe to total loss situations.