In 2021, PT. OBM Drilchem ​​(OBM) has participated in several good tenders that implemented both domestically and abroad. Currently there are 5 tenders being followed outside country (India, Kwuait, New Zealand, xxxx, xxxx) with a total contract value of USD XXXXXXX for a period of XX years, and a chance to win the tender reach above 50%. As for domestic, currently …………………….

Therefore, OBM requires additional resources both in terms of production as well as from strategy and marketing. So that OBM plans to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) this year, by listing the company's shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, to support business development in the future, with a company value valuation of IDR ……………….

With the potential for new projects to be obtained both domestically and abroad, OBM projects that the increase in production capacity will reach 30-50% of the current capacity, so that the use of funds from the IPO will be carried out according to the following composition:

The Intended UsePercentage
Additional working capital 
Increased factory capacity (production) 
Increased storage capacity (warehouse) 
Distribution channel improvement 
Improvement of human resources