DRIL-EZY® is used for safely drilling across high differentially pressured zones (up to 4000psi).

Description and Application

DRIL-EZY® is an acid soluble drilling fluid additive designed for protecting producing formations (reservoirs) in drilling operations. In contains special graded and sized organic and inorganic materials that will temporary seal off producing formations, stop fluid invasion and prevent damage to formation.


DRIL-EZY® is packaged in 40 lbs (18.14 kg) paper bags.

Recommended Treatment

DRIL-EZY® of 10-12 ppb will provide sufficient wellbore protection, will trap or block fine clay/drill solid particles from entering the pores and minimise fluid invasion.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance : Yellowish powder
Density : Max. 1.04 gr/cc
Bulk Density : Max. 0.6 gr/cc
pH : Slightly > 7
Solubility : in 7.5% HCL min : 70% (Acid Soluble)

Environmental Safety Handling and Shipping Reference

Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of appropriate respirator, gloves and goggles is recommended for employee comfort and protection. DRIL-EZY® does not have a restricted classification for transportation by international or domestic regulatory agencies.

These products are designed to be used as a pill to cure severe to total loss situations.