QUICKSEAL® is a lost circulation material

Description and Application

QUICKSEAL® due to its varying particle sizes and shapes, is very effective in curing lost circulation when fractures, vugs, or caverneous zones are encountered. Coarse grind for curing big fractures and highly permeable formation and can be spotted easily through large jets or open pipe. Medium grade is effective sealing medium to fine fractures and porous zones and can be pumped with most nozzle bits. Fine grind
to be used where seepages to partial losses are encountered.


QUICKSEAL® is packaged in 40 lb (18.14 kg) multi-wall bags.

Recommended Treatment

Add 30 – 40 ppb of QUICKSEAL® to a 40 – 50 bbl pill and spot opposite the loss zone (preferably through open ended drill pipe for QUICKSEAL® (Medium and Coarse), 30 - 40 ppb concentration has proven to be very effective in a vugular formation loss zone.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Form : Mixed fibrous materials
Hygroscopic : No
pH in water : 8 ± 0.5
Solubility : Insoluble
Specific Gravity : 0.9 - 1.2
Flammability : Non flamable, no fire or explosion
Toxicity : Non-Toxic

Environmental Safety Handling and Shipping Reference

Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of appropriate respirator, gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee comfort and protection.

QUICKSEAL® is a lost circulation material. It is a blend of organic cellulose fibres and mineral granules materials varying in sizes and shapes , it is designed in 3 different grades – Fine, Medium and Coarse.